January 25th, 2006

Dancing Thru

There's a spambot spewing out there

My bulk email has gotten 30+ copies of "Get a Vaio laptop" in the past 12 hours, 8 just in the past 30 minutes. Something's really churning these out. It's almost up to a level where it feels like a variant of a denial-of-service attack. At least it's coming from a source that's automatically hitting the junk mail filter.
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Eating healthier, the benefits

A year ago, my New Year's resolution was to stop eating so much processed food. Away went the packaged mixes. I still use the occasional bottled sauce, and have a weakness for Trader Joe's premade tuna curries, but aside from that, I've been trying to adhere to it. Instead of snack crackers, I grab a handful of nuts or pumpkin seeds. Instead of mostly premade stuff that can go into the oven, a pan, or the microwave, or instant mixes, I've been making from scratch. Instead of cookies, I munch dried fruit. Yeah, sometimes I backslide with the occasional frozen pizza, or fish sticks, but sometimes it just calls to you...

I've been heavy on complex carbs like pasta and oatmeal, and less on things like potatos, especially since I've found that instant and microwave-baked potatos tend to give me indigestion. I've really ramped up the veggies, having discovered all the wonderful stuff I can either grow or buy at the 99 Ranch Market, like Chinese mustard, bok choy, bean sprouts (69 cents a bag!), pea shoots, and tatsoi. I've always been big on growing lettuce, and I buy spinach by the huge sack, now that I can get it already washed and picked into leaves. Given half a chance, I'll pig out on spinach.

I didn't really change my other habits. I still do exercises and kata while watching TV, and still I've got my usual active lifestyle. But a while back, I started noticing there was extra space in my waistbands, and "waistless" skirts were starting to turn into hip-hugger skirts. My size 14 and size 16 skirts and pants no longer fit. I took in the waistband on some of the skirts, but the pants...well, those are just simply too big. The other day, I tried on a size 10 dress, and was amazed that it fit---perfectly. Well, yeah, it's a bit tight through the shoulders, but that's not going to change. I had large upper arms and shoulders even back when I had a size 8 body, and would routinely rip out shoulder and arm seams, lifting things. But I'm jazzed over this new dress, my first size 10 in...15 years? Yep, it's all in what you eat. I am now convinced that America's weight problem can be laid directly on the doorstep of processed food, in addition to fast food.
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