January 26th, 2006

Dancing Thru

It's Here! The Stove is here!

Well, actually, it's at the warehouse at Meyer Appliance, but that's only a half mile away from the house. As of tomorrow, it will be at my place! I will have a working oven again! (Scott kids me "You got it for me, so I can bring over Papa Murphy's pizza again.") Everyone kids me that the only reason I've gotten along without one for so long is I'm used to doing all sorts of workarounds, because I do historic cooking. You know, like baking inside a dutch oven...

I'll not just have a working oven, but an oven with lots of interesting features, like convection, and a temperature probe! And a wok burner! And all sorts of nifty features, like what I call the "bain marie" burner in the center (a long one), that has an optional griddle, and a "simmer" burner. I'm going to have so much fun! Bounce, bounce, squeal!
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