January 30th, 2006

Dancing Thru

Enjoying the new stove

The stove was picked up and went in with remarkably little trouble. Well, Chris had to make three trips to Orchard Supply for the fitting, but that was because he got the wrong one entirely, the first time, the second time, he got a plumbing fitting, not a stove fitting, and the third time was a charm. (Yes, they change gas fittings the same way they do plumbing, so that you need adapters. At least the old stove wasn't hard-plumbed into the gas outlet. I've seen that, and it's hard to work with.) The black color scheme goes nicely with the black fridge.

The oven has enough controls to run a 747, but they all seem to be fairly intuitively put together (unlike microwaves). It also has a control lockout feature for disabling the touch pad, so that you can clean it without having to worry about spurious signals. It will be interesting to do some time-delayed cooking and use the "cook and hold" feature. I haven't used the convection oven feature yet. I also wonder if I should put the stove onto a surge suppressor, since there are a LOT of electronics in that touch-pad control.

This stove is going to make me stop using the stovetop as a work surface, though. Something about all of it having grates on top, rather than a solid surface between the burners. This is probably actually a good thing.

So Friday was popovers and Papa Murphy's you-bake-it pizza. (Scott was true to his word and brought over a Papa Murphy's pizza to celebrate.) Saturday was key lime bars and a spinach/onion/carrot quiche. Yesterday I did a meatloaf. You have the feeling I'm celebrating having an oven again? This is just the stuff with the oven, as opposed to all the things I was cooking on top of the stove. I've already gotten a lot of use out of the wok burner, which is almost TOO hot. It's like putting the wok over a jet engine. I turned it down a little, because it was cooking faster than I could turn the food, and it was getting a bit crispier than I wanted. I wonder how fast "power boil" will boil the water for spaghetti?
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10lb Parrott

Recent memage: unique possessions

Some of us own more unique things than others...

* Name a CD you own that you think no one else on your friends list does.

Just about any of my Finnish folk CDs would probably qualify. Let's see, maybe Ilmatar? or one of the ones by Vasen, like "Spirit." I sort of doubt anyone else has those...

* Name a book you own that you think no one else on your friends list does.

Hmmm, I would say that my copy of "The Ohio Farmer's Guide," published in 1888 is a fairly good bet.

* Name a movie you own on DVD/VHS/etc. that you think no one else on your friends list does.

The Draughtsman's Contract. Nice little allegory about the Williamite Wars, which almost no one has the historical background to understand. "He was declared an orphan because his father is dead and his mother is Catholic."

* Name a place that you have visited that you think no one else on your friends list has.

Knocknarea, Co. Sligo, Ireland

* Name a piece of technology or any sort of tool you own that you think no one else on your friends list has.

A 10-lb Parrott Rifle, a cannon technology breakthrough of the American Civil War.
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