February 2nd, 2006

Dancing Thru

ATM Card grouch

So last night I go to use my ATM card. "Card Expired," says the terminal. Apparently, it expired as of yesterday. But I haven't seen a replacement come through! So I go home and rummage through all the mail that hasn't been dealt with and thrown out. Not a sign. So this morning I talk to my credit union.

"Our records show a new card was sent on January 20th. However, a lot of customers have been calling in, the past month, saying they haven't received cards or PIN numbers in a timely fashion. I'd give it another week or two to show up, rather than starting this all over again." I point out that my current card doesn't WORK. Basically, it's Not Our Problem. I can always come into the branch. To say I am Not Amused is putting it mildly. Of course, one could say that I'm getting way too used to the convenience of being able to use my ATM card for buying gas at Costco... Sigh, going to have to go inside and buy one of those preloaded gas cards, again.
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Dancing Thru

Fairly sophisticated PayPal scam

This one has your real name in the salutation, which worries me. However, if you look at the full headers, the return path isn't actually PayPal. And if you read all the way down, through the very convincing-looking payment details, the shipping address is to
Nasreen Ali
218A Henry St.
Somerset, NJ 08873

Makes you wonder if Mr. Ali is a real person, or just a dummy address. Presumably, it's not the scammer, but who knows? Maybe he has friends in Nigeria. (Now, that would be an interesting way of harrassing someone, too. Put their name and address into a PayPal phish scheme.)
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