February 6th, 2006

Dancing Thru

They don't make bumpers like the used to...

At least, they don't make Acura bumpers so they stand up to even mild impact. I was backing out of my parking slot at work. I think the other guy got about a foot out of his, so basically, it's pretty much my fault, since he was in my blind spot. I caved in his driver-side rear bumper pretty well (we hit corner-to-corner). I got a minor scratch in mine, which is plastic. I have no idea what his is made out of, but it obviously doesn't stand up to 2 mph very well. It looks pretty ugly. Our various insurance agents are going to talk. I suppose I can now expect to see my insurance rates skyrocket. Oh well, it happens.
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Dancing Thru

LJ Poetry Week

Migraine headaches nevermore
Are a thing I would adore.
Auras make us very weird;
Normal things are often feared--
Like music, TV, light and sound,
And cleaning goods that lie around.
Red wine and coffee help them go--
It shows how much the "experts" know.
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