February 24th, 2006

Dancing Thru


It's been a long and hectic week. I finally got through all of my required obligations and deliveries this morning, and our group went out to a long lunch. I got back to a message that the release team needed me to sign off the RTM. Uh, relaxed too soon... However, next week is the offsite on the new tools coming our way, meetings with Dublin team members, and continuing on my investigations of encrypting our documentation so only software licensees can read it. This last is not looking promising. Well, I can go to Cirque du Soleil tonight, and enjoy before things start to close in again.

I'm somewhat relieved not to have heard from Dan since he got this job as houseboy/nanny. He'd said it might limit his contact, keep him busy, etc. Well, I've been so busy that it's nice not to have to factor in yet another person who needed a chunk of my time, since things outside of work have been pretty much booked solid, too, and the rest of the time my phone rings off the hook with people needing to talk. At least I've managed to catch most of the parts of the Olympics that matter to me, namely figure skating. (Though I have to admit I dozed off during the medal round last night, and missed one performance entirely (Kimmie Meissner), waking up in time to catch Irina Slutskya.) This will be my last reasonably open weekend for a while, with living history starting up in March. I hope to enjoy it while I can, and hope Ming doesn't wake me up too early, over the weekend.
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