March 1st, 2006

Dancing Thru

Ming: reset plans for weekend

Well, it looks like Ming caught a claw from the white tomcat that prowls the neighborhood. He had an open abcess on his back, last night. I pressed the pus out and used peroxide and took him to the vet, this morning. The vet says it looks like he was running away (sensibly). So I now get to wash his now-opened wound and give him antibiotics for the next while. So much for going up to Sutter's Fort for Living History and visiting with Shula. The cat comes first. I'm glad I got him to the vet when I did, though. He looks very silly with his backside shaved, currently.

I will have to call Shula tonight and tell her the change of plans. The forces of the universe apparently decided I was not to go to Sacramento, this weekend.
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