March 6th, 2006


I would have voted "Good Night and Good Luck"

I am already sick of the whining over "Why Brokeback Mountain Didn't Win Best Picture" at the Oscars. Oh no, it's not enough that it won for Best Director. Gods Teeth, it's almost enough to make me believe there really is a "gay agenda." "The world is not ready, yadda, yadda, prejudice, yadda, yadda, safe choices, yadda, yadda..." Get a life already!

The bottom line is that there were a bunch of excellent movies nominated for Best Picture, and not all of them could win. And none of them dealt with exactly lightweight issues. There were a heck of a lot of good movies, last year. Blockbusters for Best Picture? Apparently, not this year. It was the year of social relevance, for the most part. Not all of the good movies could even be nominated, let alone win. Shut up and deal, snivelling critics.
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