March 9th, 2006

Dancing Thru

My dilemma

Well, I took refuge behind a bit of period verbiage, and jestingly suggested that while I might be unconventional, my married man friend had perhaps confused me with certain pretended washerwomen who frequent the camps. Since he was off for a reenactment, perhaps this will all have blown over by the time he gets back...
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Off to Adventure!

The Celtic Fair has now informed us that setup will not be until Saturday, and they will understand if no one but the music acts shows up, with snow expected, etc. Our group will be going minimalist, and our fearless leader says that he expects we will mostly be walk-ins. He's not setting up camp, and I understand that! Tents and furniture with rain and I told him I was still willing to do food. I'm going to take firewood and the fire pit, in case. It may be our only "camp" and it's no real problem. Besides, hot food could be a wonderous thing.

I think of this as an adventure! But then, I also have a 4-wheel-drive vehicle with all-weather tires (that drove on snow around this time last year), and a warm, dry place to stay. Shula and I can get a movie and hole up in the condo. Or sit in the hottub in the snow. The potential is interesting...
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