March 23rd, 2006


again, the Dream...

It just keeps replaying, again and again, and again. The location changes, but it's always the same theme: I call it "the Drowning of the World." I've dreamed it over and over and over, since I was in preschool. As far back as I can remember, I see the coastlines inundated, the water levels sweeping over the low-lying areas we see now. Dunes disappear, marshes become part of the sea, marine terraces vanish (along with habitations on them) and the sea laps against higher ground. Creeks become estuaries, valleys inland arms of them. Never a month goes by that I don't dream it. Usually, it's more like a week or two. Different, but always the same.

I dreamed it again, last night. One of my favorite locations of the dream was the setting this time, down on the Central Coast. In the current dream, there was a storm in progress, with huge thunderclouds and waterspouts off the coast. And the storm-driven waves were nibbling away at the little strip of new coastline, where sand had drifted up against the foot of the new coastline, which lay maybe 20 feet higher than the current level of the ocean, where it usually is in this dream. But the storm surge was driving higher, eating away at the slope of the hill, creating new bluffs, pulling away the thin margin of sand. The houses that are there now were all gone. New trees had grown up. But the bones of the hills were still the same...except for where the higher water had altered them, in ways both predictable and expected. New rocks exposed, out in the sea, where once land had been, a little valley now brackish marshland.

As always, it's very real. It's both alarming and reassuring, like watching both the death of something and the beginning of something else, cycles. It's destructive, and full of the awesome power of nature, and yet at the same time that power of nature is both magnificent and familiar. I feel like I am seeing a future, perhaps one I shall not see any other way. And one in which I probably have no part. And yet, I see it. And know I shall see it again.
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