April 10th, 2006

Dancing Thru

I can't believe it's April...

Easter is Sunday, and we're almost halfway through April. How did that happen? I feel like I've been on a treadmill, and time flies by. I have a huge string of events coming up, starting Very Soon, that won't stop until June! And then I'll be gone to Hawaii for a week...

Will it EVER stop raining? There is rain in the forecast for every day, so far this week... We'd better enjoy our non-rainy days while we can--it's not like we're getting a lot of them.

I took my bike into the bike shop, last weekend. If it ever stops raining, I want to ride again. But the tires were definitely gone to god, and there were some other problems, including a righthand shifter that seems not to work any more. Well, it HAS been sitting in the garage, barely ridden, for...ahem, about 10 years. I need to get riding again. I'm feeling the need to do it, even as I feel the need to get back into martial arts practice, even if I'm just practicing in the back yard. Maybe, eventually, I'll start riding my bike to work, now and then. It's only about 8 miles, though the route goes through some...interesting choke points.

And ghaaahhhh! This latest release is bearing down on me like a freight train, and I'm treading water as fast as I can, to keep up. And I just had to flag India on something they've overlooked documenting... (Okay, about 40 pages worth is in my book, but theirs needs to have about 4 pages on some new commands supporting the functionality.)
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