April 17th, 2006

Dancing Thru

Easter Dinner

I really do love feeding people. And it's been a while since I've gotten to do a proper dinner, except the times I've cooked for everyone over at Marilyn's.

I had four people over for Easter dinner last night, and was realizing I really do need a more proper dining table. Yes, we got all of us around it, and probably could have fitted another person if we had to, but gateleg tables are funky... I could have gotten one of the big folding tables out of the garage, if I'd had help, but it really wasn't an option. We managed.

I did a ham with apple/apricot sauce, gingered asparagus, a starch dish involving melon pasta, rice, blue potato, roasted garlic, and green onions (yes, I was being experimental), crescent rolls with Irish butter, and lemon mirangue pie. I feel smug that there was not a smidgeon of food left at the end of dinner. I was the only one who didn't take seconds.

Oh, and everyone wants my recipe for the carrot dip. I put out pesto gouda and baby carrots with a yogurt-based dip for while we chatted before dinner.

We finished up by watching Dragon Half and Orgasmo. Shelley had never seen Orgasmo, and found it as funny as the rest of us, who love any opportunity to re-watch it.
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10lb Parrott

Where lies peace of mind?

One size does not fit all. The conventional wisdom of the theraputic community is wrong. And I've told them where to go with it, in the past.

I grasped a basic fallacy in some of this thinking, recently, with regard to my own situation. I've been told that the way to inner peace lies in maintaining distance, not getting too involved in things that could cause turmoil, evoke old memories, trying to be away from certain circuits. In my case, in that direction lies madness. I've gazed into the Void. It's gazed back at me. I know what's out there. You cannot "protect" me by having me hide my head in the sand. You should not try to protect me at all. I can choose my own path.

For me, peace lies in decisive action. In knowledge. In being involved, even if it may give me ulcers at the time. Because ultimately, peace comes from knowing you did what you could, and gave it your best effort. You must choose your battles, you must choose your battlegrounds, you must be aware of your strengths and limitations. But you must not choose to avoid battles entirely because people get hurt in them. Sometimes the only way to Peace is through Battle. It's what some of us were born for.

"If your god helps the helpless, may he help you all well/
I'm bound for the Outside to find my own hell..."
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Dancing Thru

Bike Update

I really am posting a lot, today.

I took the bike in to the local shop for refurb, a bit over a week ago. I popped in to pick it up, and he hadn't replaced the tires. I pointed this out. He said they looked good. I reminded him I told him that they lose air very quickly, once you hit rough ground, and the sidewalls are badly cracked. This had become very apparent when I had taken it out off pavement, which is where a mountain bike properly belongs. So he actually checked them, and the condition was pretty appalling. If you let them deflate and bent them, the tire ripped right apart. And the tube actually just literally came apart when he pulled on it. Wow. BAD.

It was a slow rainy day, so I hung out and he tried tires. Now, this is a first-generation mountain bike. It was NOT easy to find a tire that fitted it easily, because the wheels/rims turned out to be a nonstandard size. I finally ended up with some expensive kevlar-banded tires that he gave me a substantial discount on, because they were the only ones that fit. He also wasn't happy with the gearing, which was slipping a bit. He adjusted it and said I should try it for a bit, and bring it back if it was acting up.

So I got home and immediately took a long ride, and worked it through some nice offroad terrain. Got the tires muddy, a few rocks stuck in the tread, you know, good stuff. :-) Gave it a good workout. Yes, the gearing has issues. It skips in the midrange, now and then, and will also shift up or down in that range, at times, without intervention. (Great, I have a mountain bike with an automatic transmission...) I'm going to work it out more in the next week or two and see if I can determine any patterns. But it was so GOOD to get out again! And it wasn't raining at the time. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that I had no issues with a nice long ride, after so long, aside from some interesting sore places the next day, since my tush isn't currently used to a bicycle seat.
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