April 25th, 2006


Bees Settled

I put the regular top cover onto the hive, last night, though I propped up one side, as I noticed there were still some incoming bees who thought that through the inner cover was the way into the hive body. We'll divert them to the official entrance tonight. And then, of course, the whole hive will have to be moved to a more permanent location, one of these nights. Preferably before it gets so full of honey it will be a workout to move it. I think that over next to the avocado tree might be good. It's a little-visited corner of the yard, where the bees will have a good flight path in/out of the hive.

I noticed this morning that there were several dead drones at the entrance to the hive. Looks like our queen is bred, and the few remaining drones are dispensed with. Time for the colony to settle down to producing comb, baby bees, and honey.

I'm going to have to get a bee avatar for these posts...
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