May 4th, 2006

Dancing Thru

Yes, my mind is echoing, lately...

I have been Looking for Things. One of the main ones the past week has been family photos. Okay, how can you mislay fairly good-sized boxes and albums? I found a bunch of Father's stuff that my brother had passed along to me, recently, but that was it. No archival photos from the 19th/early 20th centuries. No photos of Mother or her family at all. I am now officially bothered. I'm sure I must have put them somewhere "safe," but where I have no clue.

While I was at it, I also noticed a book that was missing from its usual spot. Now, since it was under the exflorescing sewer pipe in the basement, I'm sure I must have moved it to somewhere less likely to get damaged if the pipe ever gives up the ghost, but where? Again, not a clue.

One thing about the photo search was it took me into the small storage room off the basement. Ahem. The cat has been using this as a giant cat box, for some time it would seem. I wonder if this was a statement from when I switched to the really good, non-stink cat litter. I'm going to have to clean this place out, but I think I might need a gas mask... I think this qualifies as Hobbes being a little s**t about things.
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The latest buzz

Finally, I can update what has been going on earlier in the week. I got another swarm call on Monday afternoon, and headed for South San Jose to grab it. This time, they were antsie enough that they all decamped when I tried to cut off the willow branch they were on. So, here are these bees, up in the air again. Fortunately, they came down on a cypress tree nearby, and I got them easily from there. Got home to a panicky call from a neighbor only two blocks away that there was a swarm. But she didn't know where, exactly, they'd gone down.

So I put my new box o' bees out on the hot tub deck, and headed out to the Bee Guild meeting. It's been a great month for swarms, it would seem. I also found out that the lady from my first swarm had actually written a thank-you note to the bee guild. Cool!

So Tuesday, I get another call from the woman a couple streets over. The bees are on the front of her neighbor's house. But by the time I get there, they've found an hole and are now inside the front wall. It's now a case for the exterminators. Too bad.

It's been quite an exciting time! I still don't have the last swarm hived. I made myself a makeshift hive nucleus inside an old powder box, with some frames, etc. I really need to go get myself some hive bodies. This weekend, I promise myself.
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