May 5th, 2006

not pleased

Boxes and boxes

I got the --ahem-- "catbox midden" cleaned out of the storage area. Damn, it was like going into a pit of chemical warfare. He's been at this for a while. I mopped the floor with bleach. It might help with the pink stain, too. It seems he pulled some pink tissue paper into the mix. There was plastic wrap, paper and cardboard of various sorts, ribbon, some plastic strapping, and lots and lots of cat waste products. (I put an old cat box in there, with about a cupfull of low-budget cat litter that was still around, for if he goes in again. He likes stink, it would appear, so the budget litter should be more appealing. Cat psychology...those little guys can be weird...)

But I realized that I've got to do something with the boxes. I keep getting given boxes of stuff, and fitting them wherever. I was wedged in there sideways, because there wasn't room for my shoulders, in some places. And there are boxes in the passageway, too. I don't even know what's IN a lot of these boxes. People leave them with me, like unwanted kittens. Moving? Dump a box of stuff with Jane. Family stuff you don't know what else to do with? Leave it with Jane...

I have decided. When I get time to deal with it, I am going to rent a storage unit. Maybe just as a temporary solution, until I can figure out what's what, and decide what to toss out, what to sell at a yard sale, donate to charity, etc. But I've GOT to get working space in this mess. And there really is no place to move the stuff. Yes, storage space... Once I get a handle on it, I can start actually dealing with the contents. But I'm sick of tripping over this stuff, which I probably didn't want in the first place, but really need to look at. Time, I need time...
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