May 22nd, 2006

10lb Parrott

Dana Adobe frustrations

All I can say was the event was screwy. From a high point two years ago, there has been a swoon...despite the cooking facilities, and the restoration of the house proceding apace. It was not helped by the vast majority of the living history crowd suddenly having other things come up, and not showing. This time, we didn't even get Bruce and Carol and the covered wagon, and they're a staple.

Amplified music, things counterscheduled, one side of the adobe closed off because of the damage from the New Year's Eve storm, which seems to be notorious in a lot of places. (It also collapsed a couple historic buildings at another site.) No one even knew I was baking bread, because it was off by the side where everything was construction-taped off. I won't even get into the litany...

Good things: Captain Dana's luncheon went off perfectly, even if few people were around that side of the building to see/hear. Bob Hayes makes such a great Dana it's uncanny. The bread got baked, and was great, even if no one was around to sample it. We got the 100 acres of property adjoining. The Los Californios music group showed up, and were great to talk to. I got to chat with a lot of old friends. And the Dana Adobe is still a great place. And we got to close out the day with shooting the bronze cannon. Any day with cannon is good. Oh, and it didn't rain on us (yay!).
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