May 26th, 2006

Dancing Thru

Counting down to Hawaii

At this time next week, I will be on a plane on my way to Hawaii. I am absolutely bursting with anticipation. It will be the first time back since I was 5 years old.

I know most of what I remember will be gone. The Alexander Young Hotel in downtown Honolulu was torn down in the 1980's. I'm sure there aren't old shacks with rusty metal roofs and a passel of dogs milling around, housing sugar cane and pineapple workers. Kahului will be so different from the sleepy county seat I remember, where my mother bought food from a general store that looked like (and probably had been) it had been there since 1900. I am NOT going to Lahaina, because I want to preserve my memories of the sleepy Polynesian-style village. But the Aloha Tower is still on Oahu, and I am sure that the moment I step out of the airport, the smell of Hawaii will be very similar to what I remember. And I have to go to the Royal Hawaiian, maybe have a drink there, since we stayed there the first two days we were in Hawaii (and my mother was eaten alive by sand fleas, which are hopefully no longer a problem).

The Big Island will be completely new territory for me, since we were supposed to go there, but the volcano was erupting in a big way, and everyone was getting sick from poison gases, and the lava was enveloping whole villages. (I really need to check some of the boxes from my brother before I go, and see if the dish with Pele's Hair is still around. Someone gave it to my father, so at least he didn't procure it himself, but I've learned that stuff is bad juju to take away. If it's in a box somewhere, I will take it back. If it was tossed after he died, I will just offer my apologies to Madame Pele, and a bit of my own hair in return. Leave it to the next generation, making amends for their parents to the Elder Gods...)
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The PCR of Doom

PCR is the acronym for "Product Change Report." It could be a bug, or an enhancement. There is one that showed up Monday that everyone has first been playing "hot potato" with, which I was put onto, initially, as engineer (until I pointed out I don't change error messages, I just edit them). It then started to acquire a life of its own, as there were other issues involved. What started out as a simple name change has become a whole new strategy. It's been averaging 10-12 updates a day, since Monday. I thought it was mighty quiet out there today...too quiet, partner...(shift haystraw to other side of mouth).

The documentation changes just showed up. It's not too bad, only about four paragraphs and a table. But an interesting finish to the week, with what started out as a simple naming issue...