May 31st, 2006

Dancing Thru

latest spam amusement

Tag lines: "the hills are alive, and it's scary as hell" and "gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love." At least they're getting creative, rather than just using the random-line-generator. I also liked the message from "Paypal Costumer Services." See, you can now get costumes from PayPal! It must be that affiliation with ebay...
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Mostly packed...

My two bags are mostly packed. I tend to travel light, so I have a backpack-style overnight bag, and a medium wheeled suitcase, which have pretty much proven sufficient for my needs for two or three weeks, so I should be fine. Huh, not a whit of black in any of the stuff I've packed. I must be going to Hawaii, all right. Oh, wait, my rain cape is black with blue and brown geometric patches---does that count?

I am now strangely serene, feeling that plane waiting out there to whisk me off, less than two days from now. I need to write out some emergency instructions, but it's interesting when I realize that my brother is pretty much incommunicado. I got an email today from New England. They're heading for Niagra Falls, and maybe will tool around through Canada for a while...this trip of his is already weeks past when he and his wife were expecting to come back. I think they're having way too much fun. :-) I do have the cel phone number, though.

I don't even have anticipation, now. It's mostly just a strange sense of "we will see what comes..." Don't know if I'll update my LJ while I'm cruising---it's expensive, and I suspect I'm going to be mondo busy...
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