August 10th, 2006


One step closer to flying naked...

I love how we always have these panic reactions of trying to close the barn door when a horse is observed wandering in the meadow....

I understand from our company email of this afternoon that, in the light of the latest terror threat alert, not only are all fluids, gels, etc. banned from carryon, but the Brits have also banned carryon itself, including such things as women's purses and laptops, at least for the time being. This could be interesting in all the wrong ways.

Check your laptop with your bags and have it disappear. This apparently happens a lot, according to company email. So what do all those business people who were carrying laptops going to do? Ship it back via something like international FedEx?

Now think about everything that comes in liquid or gel form. I am expecting anything in a powder to hit the ban list, next. After all, I can think of any number of various powdery substances that could be used to do damage (besides looking like drugs).

How about medications? Open up those capsules and put in a payload. Put back into prescription bottle. Gives a whole new meaning to the term "nitroglycerine capsules."

I am awaiting the day when everyone is made to strip and don a skeleton suit (think of a lightweight coverall) closed with velcro, and all personal effects are locked away for the duration of the flight. It may be closer than you think.
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