August 15th, 2006


Low level broadcasts?

I'm wondering what I'm picking up off either geomagnetics or subsonics or whatever. I've been feeling that crawly scream-and-want-to-throw-things antsie all day. Like you need to go for a brisk ten-mile jog to bleed off excess energy. I hope it's not earthquake precursor carrier waves.

I found Dan on the couch, when I got up this morning. He'd been up since 3 am, unable to sleep because he was getting twitching in his leg and feelings of "restless leg syndrome" so bad he couldn't sleep. Funny thing, but that's the feeling. It's like when my leg just has to keep vibrating and moving or I'm going to scream. But it's not translating into my body. It's just that background hum of jitteryness...

Hmm, I keep thinking of those radio ads for people for a study about if twitches and feelings of restlessness are keeping you awake at night. I keep wondering if it's just some little receptors in our heads are picking up all these new frequencies that we didn't use to have.

Maybe this is what they mean when the newagers say we're moving to another vibrational frequency...
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Intrusions of the 21st century

Gods help me, I caught myself checking details of prepaid cel phones online today. I haven't actually made any commitment to getting one of the Infernal Devices, but I was looking. Because some part of me says "If you're going to go roving into the middle of nowhere like you always do, driving along distant roads by yourself, you might want to have a cel phone for emergencies." I probably would have gotten Onstar if they'd had it on Ford pickups. But they didn't.

I want something I can just throw in a drawer and forget until I'm going somewhere Distant. Or loan to a friend in between. I don't want the thing to be where anyone tries to reach me. I hate phones. I regard looking at this cel phone like booking an appointment for the dentist. Except I haven't made the appointment yet.
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