August 17th, 2006

Evil laugh

Electronics disposal

Not only did Weird Stuff Warehouse take the old monitors and peripherals, they even took the 1970's stereo components (in hand-built solid wood cases) that Sherm built in the 1970's. There is a certain symnetry in that, since he got some of the electronics in those components came from the moral equivalent of Weird Stuff, in San Luis Obispo.
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Big Brother Is Watching YOU

Hi, there Mr. NSA Spook. I know you're reading my LJ entries. Be sure to put me down in the Big Book of Dangerous Freethinkers you're compiling. I know that the Soviets thought we were dangerous, because uncontrolled Liberty is a Dangerous Thing. Ideas are dangerous things. Being aware that people want to control you is a Dangerous Thing.

Check out this story: NSA is spying on us--what a surprise.
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