August 25th, 2006

Dancing Thru

Hobbes: hard decisions ahead

I new he had bad arthritis. I knew he had something going on that made him cranky at times. And he's 13 years old...

But earlier this week, he stopped eating, which isn't like him. I took him to the vet, today, and he's lost 4 pounds since he was last in for an exam. And something felt wrong in his abdomen. So they did some bloodwork and x-rays. The bloodwork looked okay, but the x-rays...

There is something showing up as a dense mass in his abdomen. It could be an enlarged pancreas, it could be a tumor, or it could be something else. And it doesn't look good. The choices are exploratory surgery or ultrasound. The vet has a radiologist they think is very good. Neither can be done until the beginning of the week. He's at the vet tonight getting fluids, and I take him home for the weekend. Then we figure where to go from here. I'm thinking ultrasound, as it's less invasive. Sylvia is going on about how I should really consider the extra expense, and he'll probably just have to have extra surgery anyway. Sorry, but I don't cut back on the expense where my cats are concerned. If I can manage it, I will.

Poor little guy. His right hip is bad, the arthritis much worse than I thought. But he still get around. He just has a kind of rabbit hop. And now something more serious is going on... No matter what I choose, it's going to be a hard choice, because what I'm seeing doesn't look promising, and all alternatives are not exactly ideal. But once we know what's really going on, I can make an informed decision. Sigh. It's going to be a heckuva week...
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