September 1st, 2006

Dancing Thru

In Memoriam: Hobbes 1993-2006

Entered into the Summerland to meet with Sasha and Tux (the last a stray whom he brought home and talked me into adopting), an orange tiger-cat of remarkable charm and pluck. A little freckle-faced red-haired Irish street rat, the fiestiest kitten I've ever met, who was only here because of great luck and the kindness of strangers (unlike those who abandoned him at a construction site, at four weeks of age).

He was a cat with attitude, and a fighting spirit. His nose was always dirty, because he was always exploring and getting into things. Half the time, it was also scratched, because he was a scrapper, too. He had an amazing "alien hindquarters" that had a Strangelovian mind of its own: if he was feeling fiesty, and there was no one to attack, the alien hindquarters would sneak up on him and attack him, kicking his face while he grabbed it and bit its feet as he rolled around on the ground. He was a tough little guy to the end. Based on what they found, the vet said he should have been dead weeks, if not months ago. He'd been fighting arthritis for a couple years, and still went up and down the stairs well, but did it with a rabbit hop technique. Very little could keep him down. Warrior spirit. He had it to the end.

Hobbesie was a stealth snuggler who would sneak into bed with you at 3 am, and inform you it was raining when he nuzzled his wet face against yours. He always seemed to be looking out for other cats and humans. He instantly bonded with both Ming and Circe. He was always bringing friends home. One of them stayed permanently. If he liked you, he tended to drool on you and purr VERY LOUDLY, but you had to develop good reflexes to avoid his love bites. Two cats and a lot of people are going to miss him.
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