September 29th, 2006

Evil laugh

Back in Black

I seem to have reverted to my old way of dressing. I am wearing my black and swashbuckly style here today, black pants, slightly billowy striped blouse, black leather vest, black leather jacket. I used to dress this way as my general style, but lately have gone more into the "flowey" style, with lots of ethnic touches. However, since the first of the year, more and more of my older swashbuckly Mrs. Peel style (which I originated in high school) has been creeping back.

I think it goes with what I am now realizing is a midlife crisis. I have been having all this bit with little voices saying "Yes, but what have you done LATELY?" and starting to feel old and boring, and just like I'm out of touch with what matters. It's that restless activity that seems to be a vital and integral part of my being, rearing up its head and saying "Get off your duff, woman, and be/do what's important to you!"

So, here I am, starting to put more into getting my life into a different track... I need to get out and BE MORE. I've been stagnating with the old and familiar. Not that there's anything wrong with the old and familiar, but I want to get back into some more things I used to do!
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