October 30th, 2006

Dancing Thru

The Week in Review

Good things:
The cats seem to be starting to accept the new kitten.
Seeing "The Prestige."
Good party at The Starport.
Getting Dan's Victorian fortune-teller outfit mostly done (still lacks closures and hand-finishing).
Getting a sizable chunk of the yard done up for Halloween.
Getting an extra hour on Saturday night.
Cat trees. Carpeted cat trees, with sisal bases for scratching. And catnip.

Not so good things:
Carl's funeral (not to say it was bad, but to say it was bad to lose friends)
Ming and his expensive trip to the vet to clean up abcesses, and trying to maintain a very grouchy cat wearing a satelite dish around his neck who does NOT like antibiotics.
Cat wearing a satelite dish who get you up at oh-dark-thirty by butting it into your face. Cleaning food out of the layers of said dish, which he got there trying to eat from his dish, but misjudging.
A nasty cough, which fortunately seems to respond to cough remedies, but kept me up half of the night, last night, before everything kicked in and the phlem cleared up.
Shula's mom taking a turn for the worse, and having to advise on hard decisions that may have to be made in the near future.
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