November 2nd, 2006

Evil laugh

And to recap...Halloween

The space alien convention went off reasonably. Not one of the most memorable Halloweens, but the yard is hard to field when you're working a sizable chunk of the evening on your own, with no monsters or aliens other than the static ones. It really needs to be a two-person (minimum) show. One gives treats, the other scares the trick-or-treaters. And I really wish Chris would get started on his parts of the setup a little earlier, as I always end up stressing as I feel it getting on toward dark, and he's still assembling stuff.

But still, one kid says he comes every year, and he lives in Morgan Hill, now. I have fans! (Like I didn't know that.) It was a better crowd than last year, which was fairly light, maybe 100 kids. This was more like old times, with around 175-200. (I estimate by the number of treats I give out, subtracting the ones that get scarfed by the staff.) A few clusters of 10-15 kids, this year. Safety in numbers, I guess. The flying saucer and aliens were a hit, but a couple kids requested I get the monster back. Well, I'm trying. Some years are lower key, like I actually do anything at Halloween low-key.

I'm already starting to think of next year. Hmm, fairy tales are coming to mind. Gingerbread houses and marauding wolves and people with Big Axes. Oh yes, I feel a Brothers Grimm (or maybe the comic book Fables) starting to evolve in my head. I could be a witch! I love playing witches--one could say I've been cast to type in that role for a long time. (Yes, I played them in dramatic parts, too, back in high school. I can still recite the whole chant from MacBeth...)
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