November 16th, 2006

Dancing Thru

Jiro and Bengal breed type

I compared Jiro to the Bengal breed standard today. He fits most the criteria for the "brown tabby" (most common) body/markings. Pale cheeks, under chin, check. Correct head/ears, check. Soft, peltlike coat, check. Black pads on paws, check. Ringed tail with black tip, check. It says not to try to evaluate coat until the cat is fairly grown, as it will keep shifting color and markings. He does seem to be "glittered," though. (Which has no effect on the breed type evaluation. Some are, some aren't. But it's a neat effect.)

I'm seriously thinking of hitting up the cat show in San Mateo, this weekend. It's been decades since I attended one, and I'm intrigued by the "cat agility trials" they mention. Plus...well, it's always interesting to see what new varieties of cat are out there.
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