November 28th, 2006


Small niceties...

I was sick, yesterday, and spent a lot of time sleeping. I realized how wonderful my life can be, this morning. Not only did the cats let me sleep until 8 am this morning, and then were lovey and sympathetic, but Dan came in bringing me a cup of hot coffee in bed, since I was still a bit under the weather. Wow, I could live like this.
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Dancing Thru


I just had to put my heavy wool sweater on, here at the office. I could feel the temperature plummet. It's been COLD lately! And they predict a good frost for tonight. Hopefully not too much of one, as I'd like to keep the avocado tree... (It was killed back to the roots in the "big freeze" of 1990, right about this time of year.)

I suspect I should gather the last of the tomatos and peppers, tonight.
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