November 29th, 2006

not pleased

Dead again? the coffee maker, that is

It worked yesterday. Today, the only thing I can get to work is the clock. I futzed with it for 20 minutes, and just can't get it to heat, let alone make coffee, in any mode. Most of the modes I don't even use. (Who makes only 2 cups of coffee, and why should it be different from just "brew"?) I only got this thing...what? Three years ago? At the time, I wondered why they stuffed so much electronics into a damned coffee maker. Okay, it's nice to have it be able to start brewing before you wake up in the morning, but that assumes you're together enough to set it up the night before...

I found it rather fitting that last night's "Eureka!" episode dealt with a wi-fi virus that was crashing electronic stuff, like traffic lights, etc. Sychronicity, gotta love it.

When I finally gave up, I moved the coffee and filter into a funnel, put it over the pot, and heated up water to pour through. Let's hear it for low tech.

Well, off to go see about buying a new one, over lunch. A new coffee maker is my present to me for the holidays, I guess.
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