December 6th, 2006

Dancing Thru

My Landmarks experience

I want to know where the cult was. I read all this sensational stuff on ebay, and none of it happened. Not even remotely. The SCA is more of a cult than this is. I was kind of wanting to see if they were forcing psychic breaks or something, and there wasn't even a hint of tearing people down to build them up, or any of that. Sort of how I'm really bummed that I wasn't included in the Masonic conspiracy, seeing as how I had all these Freemasons in my family. I tell you, it's so hard when you come up against common sense.

I was actually very impressed with Landmarks. I could see some of my mom's old Emmet Fox teachings on personal power and responsibility, a lot of the great philosophers, a good dose of Buddhism, and a ton of common sense. Seasoned well with psychology, and blended into a delicious and engaging brew. I thought it was great, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to get more out of life.

Probably not for everyone. If you don't think much of great philosophers or Shakespeare or the philosophy that no one has "the Truth," or that all religions should be equally respected, and coexistance of viewpoints is possible, it's not going to sit well. And if you want The One True, Right, and Only Way(tm), definitely it's not for you. However, as a crash course in improving your life and understanding the Human Condition and how to explore your potential within it, it's great stuff. I commented it's kind of the user's guide for life. A user's guide for your computer isn't going to tell you how to write programs or sell on ebay, but it's a good start, rather than staring at it wondering how to turn it on, put a disk into the cupholder, and whether it will start beaming porn into your monitor. Not a bad start. It fits well with my bumpersticker slogans: "Those who have abandonned their dreams will discourage yours" and "Do something that scares you every day." It's about exploring possibilities, and not letting the bastards wear you down.

I'm looking forward to the 10-week free seminar course I'm getting as part of it.
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