April 23rd, 2007


Of buzzy things

Well, I still haven't gotten the damned cemented/broken frames out of the hive body, but I'm doing better. And my hive is ...um, queenright. It seems the little darlings swarmed just before I got to them. So when I got in on Sunday, there were still a lot of bees, but they'd requeened and tossed all the extra queens from the cells and the drones out. Wow, that was fast. Well, not actually, but what I mean to say is it happened before I was expecting (hoping) it would.

And they were busy filling the empty space where I hadn't put the new frames with new comb. So I had to remove hanging combs from the inner cover (and a LOT of bees with them). But I got the rest of the frames assembled and into the hive. In the nick of time. I think these things are going to be full very fast.

Predictably, I found my missing shallow super, in the back of the tool shed, after I'd already gone and bought a new one and banged it together. But that's okay. You can't have too many.

Also, I've found I don't even need smoke if I've got Sed Non Satiata. This is a perfume from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. To me, it has always smelled like a happy beehive. I was getting a lot of bees acting pissy, so I went in and put some on. Including on my hat and veil. Suddenly, everyone got mellow, and I wasn't getting any problems at all, even though I was working just in my veil and gloves. Bees would sniff the bare area above my gloves and go "oh, okay, she's one of us." Beekeeping perfume!
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