May 3rd, 2007


I'm now officially scared

I was reading an editorial in one of the living history magazines I subscribe to, and the implications of what I was reading were staggering. The author had been doing a high school program, and had asked the kids to discuss the First Amendment and their school newspaper, and how they thought it might impact it. The teacher stepped in and said they don't teach about the Constitution any more, so the kids wouldn't know. The reenactor was somewhat taken aback.

Then he started checking around with various schools and teachers. No one was teaching the Constitution. It was deemed "too controversial" to be taught in school.

Um, EXCUSE ME?! Too controversial??? WTF??!! This is the founding document of our country, the basic doctrine that our elected officials swear to defend and uphold, and it's TOO CONTROVERSIAL TO BE TAUGHT IN SCHOOL? I think this shows how far down the wrong path we're traveling, and why no one seems to care about its trampling. Now I'm starting to wonder if it's too late, and we're all doomed.
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