May 29th, 2007

Dancing Thru

Seems like Old Times...

So, ten years ago or so, I broke up with Chris P. There were a lot of things going on, but the biggest thing was it seemed I was encountering fallout from things that had nothing to do with me. And when that happens, I learned it's best to ease yourself out of the situation and head for the exit.

So, I hear almost nothing for years. I hear rumors of him in Florida. And then, about a month back, he calls me. Wants to know if we can meet up and chat sometime when he's in California, around Baycon.

Now, I've been through Landmark training, so I just say okay, that was then, this is now, and yes, I'd be delighted to see him. And mean it. He was always a fun person to be with.

So the long and short is that I met him for dinner, and found the spark is still there. Well, maybe it's a different spark now, because it seems different in subtle ways, but there is still a spark. We still connect in all the right ways. Turns out he's done the Landmark thing, too. We have better tools to work with, with common ground. This is good. We'll see where this goes... He won't be back in California until probably next year, but hey, as I say, one can be open to Possibility. (Gad, I sound so Landmarks...)
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