August 24th, 2007


And another benefit of Landmark...

They are giving me coaching on dealing with some of my friends whose lives make me want to hit my head against a wall, who come to me for advice. Well, since I've signed on to learn to be a leader, anyway. For the first time, not only do I not have to feel like everyone is leaning on me and I'm alone in keeping them afloat, but I'm now learning tools for dealing with them more effectively. I didn't realize I could actually get coaching on this. Wow. And I'm starting to feel upbeat and less like I'm trying to carry the world. I just feel so darned GOOD when I deal with these people. Like there's hope for the world. Positive thinking is an amazing thing, when it's really practiced.

I start my Intro Leader program tomorrow. I'm excited and a little intimidated. Because there's something scary about a program that promises to make you aware of your own greatness and potential. It's the voice in the back of your head saying "But I'm not worthy..." And also that whole thing of living up to one's potential. Since I've been trying to do that since Junior High, you'd think it would be old hat by now. But no, it's that whole thing like no matter how many times you've written a readable story, or climbed a rock wall, or cooked a great dish, or whatever, you always have that background question in your mind of "Can I really do this? Again?" Always a challenge. Maybe that's what makes life worthwhile. If it were just a walk in the park, rather than a challenge, would we appreciate it as much?
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