October 30th, 2007


The Warrior and the Philosopher...

I have to laugh over the image of "Ah, but tomorrow I leave for battle," that comes up. Because I was out doing Civil War this weekend last. I was supposed to head out on Friday, but before last week, when everything started really evolving in totally unexpected ways, I had already decided I wanted to be at the Friday night classroom for the Landmark Leader program. And Andrew came home with me afterward.

Poor Dan, we were both so giggly and ...well, teenager-ish, we woke him up. We put one of Andrew's CDs on the player, and were DANCING in the living room. Sort of approximating swing dance. I asked if he'd ever considered learning swing dance. Yep, he said, but didn't have time--yet. I laughed and said I knew how that went. Okay, another one of the criteria for my ideal man checked off... Dan appeared at one point, squinting out at us from the hallway, half-asleep, and muttered a little, shaking his head, as I apologised for waking him up. "It's okay," he said, grinning a little. "You kids have fun..." and went back to bed.

But there is a strange image that sticks in my mind, of my sliding out of bed at 4 am to drive to Fresno, muttering to myself "Wilt thou be gone, it is not yet near day..." and heading off to put my uniform on. The woman warrior going off to battle, leaving ... the founder of the UC Santa Cruz Peace Through Peaceful Means movement blissfully asleep in her bed, kissing him goodbye and saying "I'm off to the War." Role reversal, too. But damn, that's just it, no one is as into the concept of Peace in its own right as those who know of War. I'm going to have to work some more on that charter with him... Of all the women in the universe, he ends up with the lady warrior. Interesting. I think we will have some great discussions.
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