January 4th, 2008


It was a wet and stormy day...

Wow, I think the weather is trying to make up for our dry spell by piling it all into one storm. The power was out at least a couple times during the night. I know this because the answering machine announces itself when it comes back online again after the power has been off. The cats thought the idea of snuggling up to Andrew and myself was a great idea, and were very upset that it was WET outside, when they wanted to go out in the morning. It's all my fault, you know.

Weather reports say the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge is closed due to overturned big rigs. Too much high wind. Creeks are already running at flood stage.

I filled my gas tank at Costco over lunch--almost no line, because it was pelting down. I might not have gassed up in the driving rain, but I was just about running on fumes, so I can deal with a bit of rain, especially since my rain cape is so great. Went home and found Andrew cleaning the bathroom. Happy sigh. I think I'll keep him. I made some hearty vegetable soup for lunch, which was exactly what was needed for a day like today.

When I pulled into the driveway, I had noticed a big branch had fallen off the magnolia tree onto the Tuttle's front lawn, so I pulled forward, remembering limbs that have fallen on the driveway in the past. Magnolia wood is brittle. Good instinct. The tree is still shedding. A huge limb was down in the street by the time I left to go back to work. Good thing no one was parked at the curb, or they would have had it smashing into their car.

There is a lot going on everywhere. I was noticing that the Sacramento Airport lost power, and a flight even aborted a landing. And I'm supposed to go to Sacramento on Sunday? I think this is going to be rather reactive, depending on what conditions are doing by then. For all I know, there might not be an English Civil War club meeting, because the place will be under water...
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