January 14th, 2008


Curse you, Wrigley's Gum!

Why? Because I bought a package of Juicy Fruit over my lunch hour, an old favorite. And as I stuffed the first stick into my mouth, something in the back of my head said "Read the ingredients!" And there it was.

Aspartame. Dire poison hidden well down under the other sweeteners. I spit the gum into my hand and threw it out. I like my color vision, thank you. There's probably not enough to give me a full migraine, but I know that there's probably enough in a stick to futz with my color vision, if I actually chewed it. I really don't like the effect of wearing dark glasses, which has come from minor amounts I've gotten by accident, like a swig of soft drink, or a few spoonfuls of yogurt. Or losing the color vision entirely, like I did the night the punch at a party turned out to be Crystal Lite.

WHY, I want to know, do they even put it in stuff that has natural sweeteners? (Well, depending on whether you think high-fructose corn syrup is "natural.") I know it's a by-product of some other chemical process, so my suspicion is that companies are being cut a serious deal to include aspartame in their products, so that the industry doesn't have to just dump it.

I used to love Juicy Fruit Gum. But now it's on the no-no list. I wonder if I should write a letter to Wrigley's and say I used to love their gum, but now I will no longer be buying it, and tell them why. But hey, I'm just a small consumer--why should they care? As I say, they're probably being cut a deal by Monsanto.
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What fun!

Weekend reorganizations

The "tetris game" of moving Andrew's stuff in continues. One thing that happened was that I finally got over to my favorite discount furniture outlet and went looking for a replacement for the -ahem- wrecked chest of drawers that I had been using because Jana wanted me to "store" it for her, until she could get it. This thing has been on my "replace" list for a while, since Jana died four years ago, and this thing has been battered and on its last legs since I've had it. One of the drawers is a "false front" with no drawer behind it. That's how bad it is. Time to get it out of here. Maybe it could be used to store tools in the garage or something. But it's not functional as furniture, and I don't have the sentimental attachment she had. I just was letting it slide into that "someday" replacement category.

So I went and bought a chest that's somewhat tansu/craftsman style. It's solid wood, and was $399, and has lots of space. Moved all my stuff out of the old one and into the new one, and Andrew gets half of it. And I still have more room for clothes than before. And it's not only solid, it's really, really nice. Not as solid or nice as the $800 one I was lusting after, but hey... I kind of bit the bullet and just bought it, because it's not in the budget, but sometimes you end up doing things like that. I think I need to think of another one, to replace the one I've had since high school and was under the shower from the catastrophic roof failure. It's been being rather sad, itself, since then. And mother was going to throw it out, before I claimed it in high school. Doesn't owe anyone. Of course, cleaning it out could be interesting, as I KNOW some of the stuff in it dates from my college days, rather like a time capsule that keeps mutating.

There are a lot of transitions going on. We also sorted a lot of the front of the screen room. It's been accumulating junk again (boxes, stuff from Ruth's), and that needs to stop. The stuff Dan was going to resell is going to get sorted and either taken to charity or actually resold. The salvaged books he got that Recycle Books wouldn't take are going in the recycle bin. We only got partway in, but it's a good start, and things are getting organized. I was also somewhat reassured that some new hairballs have been upchucked out there in the past couple weeks. There were ones looking almost like owl pellets under some of the furniture. At least Circe's getting them up.

Speaking of Herself, she's playing ghost again. I woke up a couple nights ago to see a fluffy cat standing next to the bed, level with my face (on the nightstand). She then headed out to the screen room. This morning, I noticed there was a cat on the foot of the bed, and Jiro was with me. Ming usually sleeps on top of people. And when the mystery cat jumped down, there was a fairly high-pitched little "oof" noise that indicated it was Circe. I've decided she thinks she's become a vampire, and must hide before sunlight hits her, or she will turn into dust. Of course, when I was vacuuming in the basement, she skulked out of hiding and gave me a pointed look of martyrdom before going up to the screen room, and that was actually during the day. I wonder if I'm ever going to see more than glimpses of her, ever again. She sometimes talks to Dan, but not to me. Sigh, cats and their peculiarities.

Andrew thinks we should use the "Merlin principle" and plan backwards from a final goal, and I tend to think he's right. And so, move-in re-org tetris continues...
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