March 20th, 2008


Happy Spring!

Right on cue, for Spring Equinox and Easter, my Seven Sisters rose is throwing some nice deep red roses, among the pale ones. Two open, and three buds. I theorize that it's a lunar cycle thing, as the reds usually show up for Easter, whenever Easter happens to be. But it's really nifty to have a couple for the Equinox, this year!

And so, we come now to the time of everything starting to grow apace, as the northern hemisphere starts its tilt toward the sun, buds open, birds sing, and spring comes upon us. Of course, it being California, the plum tree has already bloomed, as has the apricot, the borage is in full bloom, and the spring and summer snowflakes have been blooming for months. And some of the daffodils have already finished. But I look forward to the irises, which are still to come!
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Thoughts on cults

I decided to plug a few of the groups I've been involved with, over the years, into the general cult criteria, and see where they fall out. I'm using the standard criteria for destructive cults.

It makes for some interesting thought:

The cult is authoritarian in its power structure.
SCA: Yes
Renaissance Faire/"Living History Center": Yes
Tibco Systems: Yes
Clan Colin: No
Landmark Education: No
Peacekeeper Mission: No
Motorola: Yes

The cult's leaders center the veneration of members upon themselves.
SCA: Yes
Renaissance Faire/LHC: Yes
Tibco Systems: Yes
Clan Colin: Under Eoin MacKenzie, not really, but he was charismatic Carl D. might wish
Landmark: No
Peacekeeper Mission: Dyani Ywahoo, somewhat Dalai Lama -- well, he is a spiritual leader
Motorola: it had leaders?

The cult tends to be totalitarian in its control of the behavior of its members.
SCA: Depends on your social circle
Renaissance Faire/LHC: Yes
Tibco Systems: Yes
Clan Colin: anarchy! might as well herd cats
Landmark: No
Peacekeeper Mission: No
Motorola: Definitely

The cult has basically only two purposes, recruiting new members and fund-raising.
SCA: no
Renaissance Faire/LHC: Yes, though it claims entertainment
Tibco Systems: Yes, if interpreted loosely
Clan Colin: emphatically no
Landmark: Recruiting yes, course fees - I figured their expenses, how are they making money?
Peacekeeper Mission: No
Motorola: Definitely

The cult appears to be innovative and exclusive.
SCA: yes, we're living the middle ages as they should have been! With awards!
Renaissance Faire/LHC: Yes
Tibco Systems: Oh yeah, and it will "make you rich" too
Clan Colin: we're just hanging out, bring your friends
Landmark: Admits "we borrowed from everyone" Anyone with the price of admission can come in. Lots of Zen Buddhist stuff in the mix, which isn't really innovative. Reminds me a lot of PeaceKeeper Mission, but more efficient.
Peacekeeper Mission: No, just working on self-realization and helping one's fellow man
Motorola: If you don't like it here, leave

I'll get into the eight points of control, in this context, in a later post.

Thank god I saw Tibco for the cult it was, early on. Motorola...was hard to get out of. That was where I got called in for "attitude readjustment," and one never questioned Mama Motorola. The things I put up with at Motorola scare me to this day. But it was a lot like trying to get out of The Village if you're half indoctrinated. A lot of tech corporations run like cults. Creepy.
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