March 21st, 2008

What fun!

Some things make your day better

I was in a snarky "the world is going to hell, and how the hell am I going to stop it?" mode yesterday. (I was quoting B5, too: "The avalanche has started; it's too late for the pebbles to vote.")

Andrew was heading off to his folks for a couple days, and knew I was in One of Those Modes. I came home to find a note written on an informal white board I had in the living room, saying that regardless of how the world went, he would always love me. Made my day a whole lot brighter.
Evil laugh

So Ebay is having a layoff

Hmm, Meg leaves, the place goes straight to hell. Fees jump. Sellers are pissed. There is a general boycott by those who can afford to do so, and during that week sales go down 8%, which the management thinks is a fluke. Now they're laying off people in a reorganization. Hmm, want to bet that it's in Seller Support?

And the main changes aren't even due to go in until May. I really need to dump my eBay stock before then. But this might be a good time. The Market loves layoffs.