April 4th, 2008


Off to the Desert!

Tomorrow, Andrew and I leave for a week of desert exploring, with a little Las Vegas thrown in along the way. After all, it's the best place to stay if you're going to the Valley of Fire. And he has to meet The Ultimate Sporting Goods Store (Bass Pro, attached to the Silverton Casino. And well, the Bellagio is just cool, and the buffet at the Paris casino is such a great place to eat! Then we hit scenic stuff and Joshua Tree National Monument, then down to El Centro to see Bob and get the cannon tour. Oh yeah, Andrew wants to take me out on an expedition to the Burro Schmidt Mine, as well. Ah, these relics of the lifestyles of crazy old desert rats...

It's a return to roots. We spent so much time in the desert when I was a kid, even lived there for a while when I was four, and watched them tear up kangaroo rat habitat to build golf courses and housing around La Quinta, sigh. But I still remember not being allowed to go out to play after dusk, because that was when the coyotes came down the wash, and my mother didn't want to risk them deciding children were edible. And you always checked the stoop for sidewinders before stepping outside. And emptied the scorpions out of your shoes in the morning. Ah, life in the desert...

But I admit things have been so crazy at work I suddenly went "eep, must take car in to get checked!" and got it to the local mechanic (not the folks in Half Moon Bay---no time!) this morning. I knew one brake light was out. Okay, needs a new belt. And the back brakes are seriously going bad. Oh great. I'm going to the desert and the brakes are dubious? It wasn't really a surprise, either. I'd noticed a few things, lately. So, I asked if they could get it done today, and they said they could, so Andrew took me to work, and they're working on the car. Talk about the last minute. But as they say, if it weren't for the last minute, nothing would ever get done!

Tomorrow, the Burro Schmidt Mine! Off, into the Mojave Desert!
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