April 16th, 2008

you WHAT?!!

Junk mail

I swear, this stuff will bury us alive! Andrew, bless him, took on the task of going through all the heaps and boxes of junk mail, and pulling out:
* checks (those annoying "just write in the amount for 30% interest" things) to shred
* swag (tokens, address labels, notepads, notecards, etc.)
* metal guilt items (i.e. foreign coins, etc.) that will gum up recycling
Even at that, I was still stressing when I came home at lunch. He'd been at it for two hours, and was still at work. A full garbage bag of junk mail. And the bin by the door was full again, I noticed. Ghah!

I also had a bunch of shipping boxes and packing to send out for the recycler, too. I know where our forests are going. They are ending up burying us in junk mail. And this is even with saying "don't share my info" and being on the "preferences" list. What they don't tell you is that if you ever buy from one company that is part of a vast conglomorate, they will send you catalogs from every affiliate on the planet, because you have an "established relationship." (I also get junk mail for people who don't even live here, like Matt Komor, whomever he is.)

We will get unburied, and then it will all start again...
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