April 21st, 2008

Evil laugh

Self-expression can be a dangerous thing...

It's funny, for a program that claims that it wants you to be "fully self-expressed," the Landmark Intro Leaders course is run by a lady who has trouble with unconventionality. I remember when I was in it, Clarisse kept fretting over my hair (long and in a ponytail, thank you) and my hosiery/footgear, as well as my...well, unconventional wardrobe. So, in her honor, I put my hair up, now and then, and stuck it full of kanzashi. NOT what she had in mind. But as one of the coaches said, "She needs to manage her own perception of her worldspace." She never got me wearing hose and heels. I did that for years, got the foot problems, and am resolved to not go back. I'd just recently tried it for tango dancing, and regretted it mightily. (I do sometimes wear stockings, usually unusual ones, but never pantyhose.) And as for my personal clothing style...well, I LIKE my personal style, which is pure me.

So, Clarisse was telling my housemate he needs a haircut. Um, his hair is rather wild man, I admit, but hey, it's him. But he got a glint in his eye... It was rather fun redesigning his look, even if he only kept the mohawk (I braided the back of it) overnight. I wanted to dye it green, but no. He's now shaved bald, both of beard and hair. It's rather fun, I do say... I wonder what reaction it will get...
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Lots done

Andrew and I worked on some more yard stuff, and put in an herb bed in the front. I got a couple of the Earth Boxes planted with tomatos and against the wall, with a bit of a trellis, planted pepper seeds, etc.

Yesterday was attacking some of the constantly mutating boxes in the basement, Civil War prep, and Andrew did the front of the garage while I was doing basement boxes. I'm not sure if some of the old pipes and stuff have EVER been moved. There is sense starting to happen in the garage again. And space. Much more space. And there are eternally rat nests. Ming and Jero ought to spend a night in the garage, sometime...
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