May 2nd, 2008


What's in YOUR Wallet?

The commercials were cool, and the card was a great deal. Unfortunately, Capital One seems to have either been bought out or had a change of heart/management. I just got a notice that they are changing their rate and fee structure to be Exorbitant and will be joining their neighbors in the rape and pillage department. Bye, Capital One, it was nice to know you. Guess the current economy just took a toll on easy credit.
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Bees and more bees

My hive was empty, this February, a victim of colony collapse. So I ordered package bees through the bee guild. They arrived this week.

I was debating whether or not to use the old equipment, in case there was something in there that causes colony collapse (though a lot of beekeepers say it makes no difference). So I made a new hive stand next to the avocado tree, picked up the hive body with the intent of placing it on the stand (it's currently sitting on the hot tub cover), and out flew BEES! In the last week, a swarm has moved into the hive! Amazing. But now I'm going to have to move a hive full of bees (and put it back in alignment on the bottom board) before it gets too heavy with honey. Still, this is a miracle of spring!

Okay, rethink what I'm doing with the package bees, which were sitting in their little wire cage, still. I have comb enough to do a new hive body, up on the roof... So they are have ended up on the roof of the screen room. I finally got them set up today, since it was getting too late to open the package, last night. (Opening the package involves much prying with a hive tool. This thing is securely put together!) I'm going to have to put the lid on the hive tonight, though. I know they recommend doing it late in the evening, but my lunch hour is when I actually had time, and it wasn't dark. So, the queen is in on the combs, and I'd dumped the bees on top, and some were in, some out, some flying, and some on the roof, when I left. I made a kind of teepee of the inner and outer cover, over the shipping box, which still had a bunch of bees inside, which I left on top of the hive. I expect everyone will be settled in, this evening. After all, drawn comb makes for fairly nice digs.

With two hives, I should be fairly good, despite all the hazards that befall bees, nowadays. Or so I hope...
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