May 13th, 2008


China quake news

I had lunch at a Chinese fast food restaurant, and instead of music videos on the TV, they had the news feed from China. How is it that the American media doesn't get footage like I was seeing? I've seen the same tired shots over and over, and the truly terrifying stuff didn't even make the cut. Like the traffic camera that caught a highway overpass in the act of collapse, with the cars and highway simply dropping into the abyss, or the power station with huge arcs of lightning playing in the sky off the tops of the columns, or the bodies being stacked like cordwood, bloating already. (Okay, I admit, I haven't seen shots as explicit as that last one on TV since the Vietnam war, but you know what I mean.) Shots of collapsing walls, huge boulders falling on highways, caught live. And devastation on a truly gut-wrenching scale, reminiscent of Kobe and Mexico City. I've checked on the net, and even they don't really have shots like these.

The news folks really do determine what they think Americans want to know about and interact with. That's why I've always preferred my news from sources catering to foreign audiences.
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