May 20th, 2008

10lb Parrott

The Devil's in the Details

The artillery for the Gettysburg reenactment needs a command structure, she muses.

In theory and reality, it looks like it's up to me, as the 2nd Lieutenant of Moody's Battery (California artillery reenactors) to put one together for us. Because confusion seems to be reigning. There are four or five clubs involved in Moody's, the California artillery contingent, with everyone is gathered under one banner, and there are different stories about how the organization and structure is going, depending on who one talks to. Things like: if you are part of a cannon crew where the cannon owner is paying for the gas himself, are you still supposed to contribute to the $200 per person "grand haulage" fund to get the artillery back there? If you own a cannon you're taking, how do you coordinate on this gasoline thing? And what about meals? Can spouses contribute to the meal fund and eat with the artillery?

Just a few of the practical details that don't have answers yet. Nice ideas, but no application in real life, as yet. I've seen things like this fall apart in the more local stuff the clubs do. "I thought you were doing x..." Looks like I've got my work cut out for me, for the next month...
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"Creating Happiness"

The Event, "Creating Happiness," has happened, and it was a lot of fun. As a matter of fact, one could say it created lots of happiness in the attendees, especially this attendee. This is the event that Andrew has been working on the staff for, for the past couple months.

This was one of the Landmark grad seminars, and it was not only fun, but really useful. We took an event where one was really unhappy and dismantled it, essentially, then built in good vibes for going forward. I took an incident that still upset me, and I wasn't sure about going back there at all. Yeah, that good. Well, the techniques really work, I am happy to say. The emotional baggage from the incident has been completely left behind. And looks to stay that way. Cool.

And it was a great social event, afterward. Just a time to hang out with some really neat people, and scarf down really good nibbles. The eggrolls were phenomenal, and it's hard to get really good eggrolls. I even ran into a friend from my very first job in Silicon Valley, who was the department secretary when I worked at National Semiconductor in the '70's. There was some great dance music being played on the background track, and it was infectious. Andrew and I joined in the conga line that formed, then started dancing to the music afterward. I think we were great representatives of how much happiness one can create, since we were having a blast! He was wearing his purple and lavender outfit, and I was all in yellow and orange, so we were appropriately outrageously dressed, too.

And we got souvenier mood rings! Mine shows love and passion. Lots of fun and silliness.
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