May 27th, 2008


BayCon weekend

Andrew left Wednesday, so he missed the Virus of Doom, which was good. I hate being sick when people are around. And I was over it by Saturday.

Which allowed me to go hang out at Baycon for the weekend, something I haven't done in a ton of years. I was trying to do this split time thing with Civil War during the day and Baycon at night, which just about killed me, for a few years. Then I tried the one-day thing. Then I just gave up on it. Then the NCWA stopped doing Memorial Day reenactments, last year, and I got a day back. Then this year I got the whole weekend! So I hit panels, hung out with friends, went to the Masquerade, parties, etc. And sensibly went home by 11 pm. I had a blast.

I was afraid I was going to miss Fred and Robin's party, since details were with Lynn, and the minute I needed to find out about it, I stopped seeing her around the con... But it all worked out, and a fun time was had by all. Even if the reschedule for the big surprise did mean I missed a panel I wanted to attend.

I was catching up with Andrew, who was up at his folks cabin with them, on the fly. I was doing text messages until his phone died, but we caught up on the land line here and there. He should be back Wednesday. Strange, I feel like I've gone back to my "old" life with him gone, though. The feeling like it was a great dream, but now you're awake again. While this shows I'm still adaptable, I do notice I much prefer the great dream to my "old life." My old life can be much enhanced by adding the Andrew component. I'll have it back again soon.