June 2nd, 2008


Latest adventures

Andrew and I got a lot of stuff done around the house, on Saturday, then went off to the opening game of the LaCross season with Scott, SF Dragons vs. LA Riptide, at Spartan Stadium. While the old stadium in Golden Gate Park was fun, it's kind of nice to have a nice and close stadium. Scott definitely needed a break. This caring for his mom stuff was really getting to him this week. We started wondering what a Riptide mascot would be like, and decided it was a drowned zombie surfer.

Well, it was a fun game, and well played, but the Dragons got trounced in the second half. It was kind of a replay of the opener game two years ago, where the defense just kind of fell apart in the second half. Still, lots of fun.

Sunday we went to the Greek festival and pigged out on Moussaka, Spanokopita, the "lamb sampler plate" with some yogurt stuff on the side, and a couple other things I don't recall the names of, plus some deep fried pastry I don't recall the names of, and baklava, and a couple other pastries I don't recall the names of, and lemonade, and retsina. Listened to a couple of the music groups, watched people dance. I know better than to try to join in with it being (ahem) 25 years since I last did any Greek folk dance. One practices first, if one is going to do that sort of thing, to avoid messing up others. Ran into someone Andrew knew. Filled to 110% of capacity, we stopped attempting to eat more, even though we wanted to. Did some shopping. I got a cookbook (Greek, of course!) and we got some Greek foodstuffs, hard-to-find stuff.

Took a nap to digest, after walking home. Then yard work. Where we found out that Dan trying to use the rototiller had stripped the gears. Of course, whatever possesses anyone to put plastic gears in a rototiller is an interesting point in itself. Made in China, of course, home of metal shortages. (Missing a manhole cover? Try a smuggled cargo of scrap metal headed for the Chinese mainland...) So, it looks like the rototiller is toast. Foo. It was only two years old. Next time, I buy American, rather than cheap...
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