June 19th, 2008


Well yeah, it is about me, sorta...

I've been meaning to comment on this for a while. Next to the freeway I drive nearly every day is a billboard. The billboard is a reworked fruit box label from the 1930's. It's an ad for the Great Mall, with a woman in a field of flowers, with a nearly subliminal airbrushing of "YOU" in the sky behind her. It states "It's all about you!"

Well, in my case, it's a little unnerving, because it really is about me. The woman on the billboard is my mother, reworked a bit. I think she was 17 when she posed for that label. It wouldn't be the first time I've had an experience like this (Mother in a 1940's nurse's uniform with glowing green eyes was weirder). It's what I get for having had a mom who was one of the top models on the west coast. But it's both fun and unsettling to nod hello to my mother on the way to work, every day.

(She said she had the same sort of experience once, finding herself fifteen feet tall as a sculpture of Demeter holding a basket of fruit...)

We have corn

Baby corn, anyway. The corn patch in the neighbor's yard has sprouted, and true to my prediction, there is a whole lotta corn that's come up. Andrew didn't think it would do that, because the kernels were shriveled on a lot of it. "Oh, you might be surprised," I said. He's going to till another bed and transplant a bunch of it.

The squashes are coming up, too. And the first bean has sprouted.

And I need to think about putting another super on the beehives.

It's going to be a productive summer.