June 25th, 2008


Still recovering

I've decided that my bout with food poisoning looks like good old E. coli might be the best candidate. Andrew can't figure what I ate that he didn't. My nominee is either the kiwi at the yogurt place or the cole slaw at Tony Roma's on Saturday night took 24 hours to catch up. Those were the only real differences. My bet is on the cole slaw, ironically part of my birthday dinner.

Puts me in mind of my 21st birthday, and the scallops I found out I was allergic to. At least this didn't hit until Sunday night, but boy, it was nasty. I still am not eating more than kefir and yogurt, pretty much. Last night, I supplemented with some green tea ice cream and a half slice of bologna. Noon, today, I also had a bowl of corn flakes. Let's not overdo things... My stomach is still dubious about this whole "food" thing.

I was muttering recently that I've been eating too well, lately, and ought to cut back, but jeeze, I wish the powers didn't deliver on these thoughts in quite this way!
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