July 22nd, 2008


The "What's Your Brain Sex?" test

So, mostly because I was being whimsical, I took the silly online test. I scored around 30% toward the male side. But I also screwed up one of the word association tests, which gave me a 0, because I started typing things that are gray at a furious rate, then looked up and wondered why they weren't showing up in the field (am I outtyping the buffer? is something wrong?). By the time I got back to seeing if it would take entries, the time was up. Hey, I had about ten or twelve words down, they just weren't showing up...

Anyway, my angles test was 16 out of 20, higher than average for either men or women.

Changed objects...well, I'm a cat. My thought was "what a stupid test" and didn't really engage my brain in doing much with it. (That's why they thought cats were colorblind, for years. The tests were the sort that cats thought were stupid, so they just didn't really engage with them.) So I'm not really on the "male" side, I'm on the "cat" side. Actually, I started losing interest in the test at this point, anyway... Yup, cat... From that point on, I was arguing with it.

I'm higher on empathy than average. Yeah, so? But where I seem to be really, really good is systemizing. Far and beyond the average for men or women. And the eyes thing is ...shrug. I was above average, in figuring emotions, but so what?

I supposedly like more masculine faces. Well, sweetheart, let me tell you, I thought all those faces looked pretty weird. But I've never let faces interfere with my thoughts on a person, because they're quite irrelevant. And my mind started wandering though wondering what photo-morphing program they were using, and if the results were interactive, like the way you get new results chosen from determining which set of letters looks better, when you read an eye chart...

More female on spatial...but I was also playing tetris with the stuff, and wondering if you could get optical illusions of different spacial arrangements, if you played with the lines...so my mind wasn't fully there, either. It timed out while I was wandering...

Hmm, are your results influenced by ADD for test-taking? Do people who go wandering down the free association pathways get male or female results? How about people who type slowly? Have poor hand-eye coordination, on the clicking thing?

Suddenly, I understand my father's story about testing for being colorblind. They said he was colorblind because he couldn't find a "red" yarn in a box. He said that none of the threads were really red, there was a pink, a cerise, an ochre, a...
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Yahoo forgery spam

I am now a spam domain. Or at least Yahoo is. The links leading back (good old Russian girls want you...) are in no way related to either, but the return address is mine, so I'm getting the verification requests and bounces from the firewalls. It looks like some of the returns might even have a worm attached. Most of the returns are going into the spam filter, but a few are (ahem) worming their way through. Always some hacker somewhere getting cute...

We get them from various servers at work on a regular basis, too. The pubs server was regularily serving up ads for Viagra and Cialis, a while back.
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